Data acquisition and automatisation through AI and Computer Vision.

We use artificial intelligence and computer vision to analyse your images and automate the acquisition of specific data. The image data can take many forms, such as video sequences, views from surveillance cameras or static images as pictures.

Analytics & KPIs

Depending on your industry or needs, KPIs vary a lot. Computer vision and artificial intelligence make almost everything possible. The algorithms will analyse the context and extract the relevant information for you. Here are only a few examples of analytics you can expect.

pixitrack counting people


Facial recognition gives you precise information about the gender and age of your attendance. Emotion detection tells you more about customer satisfaction.


Get real-time analysis of your attendance’s types of activity, such as footfall, check-in, bounce rate or shopping time with information about product engagement.


Get relevant metrics about your locations such as queue timeflowpeak times and attendance (counting).

Object recognition

Recognize specific objects such as logos and classify one or several objects detected within a digital image into categories.

and much more!

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