We help companies unlocking value
from photos and videos

Thanks to the technology, unlock the value of your visuals and save a tremendous
amount of time making your life easier. Create new unique and personalized
experiences with visuals. From a powerful Media Asset Management to personalized
experiences with advanced Artificial Intelligence, Piximate delivers results.

Inspired by your potential
helped by Artificial Intelligence

Computer vision AI from Piximate will unleash the potential of your visual content.


Pages and video distribution is just the tip of the iceberg. Step up your communication game by measuring the impact of your visuals with Piximate’s technology.
The core technology of Piximate is based on identifying and tracking people or objects in photos and videos. As a customer, the technology will adapt to your environment helping your company in activating the right actions to increase your revenue or decrease your costs.
How consumers respond to every single visual element is key. Piximate will give all your photos a scoring based on machine learning algorithms, giving you the real tools to make the right decisions.

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Automated sorting of your assets
saving you a lot of time

Our platform helps you create efficient storytelling through an intelligent management of your photos and videos.

Piximate AI engine will automatically add tags and recognize your assets so it can be sorted automatically and instantly. Easily find any asset in seconds using keywords, facial recognition or automated logo detection.

Cherry on the pie, your visual content will automatically be transformed to the right format according to the final outlet.

Add a logo of your company or add a watermark so you can easily protect your rights. It’s as easy as pushing on a button. Everything happens within the Piximate platform. Use it to be faster and get better results in activating your audience.

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Create unique and personalized
experiences with your visual content

Piximate interface has been designed to meet the needs of professionals. With a focus on collaboration, Piximate answered to the highest standards in terms of ergonomy and security.

The API will enable an easy integration of Piximate within your environment. Our experts can help you in developing personalized, unique and tailor-made digital experiences unlocking the full power of your visual content (photos and videos) and making your life much easier to reach your goals.

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