Visual content management

Piximate empowers businesses to ace every visual content asset with a platform
specifically built for their favorite business tools

Collect, manage and measure

Digital Asset Management

Transform your team work into an effective machine. Collect all media assets in one place. Use Piximate mobile to create content and share it privately and securely within your team.

Save precious time

Your imagery is sorted and tagged to be found easily. Push notifications can be sent to inform your coworkers about the addition of new media or comments on existing photos. Thanks to Piximate, your content and communication are centralized, secured and facilitated.



Being present on social media is no more an option, as well as posting the best photo or video. But it could be tricky to decide which media will perform best.

Piximate scores your photo based on several elements and predicts the engagement of your audience based on previous posts.

Learn more about the technology.


Automatically add a specific layer on your uploaded pictures, whether it’s a logo, a frame or even text. Publish pictures with a strong visual identity in just a few clicks.


Social medias and platforms have their own technical specificities. Piximate’s auto-formatting options save you precious time and money. Posting directly from Piximate assures the best format on each platform (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram) and allow you to centralize all analytics in one place.

Saliency Zones

Identify eye catching elements

The heatmap is a graphical representation of the prediction on how the attention is captured the first few seconds of visual inspection.

Very useful in the retail industry, it will give you answers such as:

  • Is my product well positioned in window shopping?
  • Are my e-shop visuals top-notch?
  • Can I compare versions of two visuals and choose the best ones?
  • Will my audience immediately identify my logo in my on-line and off-line communication?

Unlock the real value captured in your visual and crosscheck if your customers are getting the right attention at the right time.

Learn more about the “saliency zones” technology.


Advanced people tracking and counting

Thanks to facial recognition, it has now become possible to gather analytics on POS and events. Pixitrack was developed to answer this specific needs of data.

Powered by the core artificial intelligence and deep learning engine from Piximate, Pixitrack will count your visitors. Identify shopper patterns, predict when a queue will form before it happens.

An amazing tool to take the best business
decisions based on insightful data

Know who comes and how long they stay. Measure dwell time and footfalls of your customers. Get an overall improved customer experience.

Pixitrack will give you information about the number of attendees or customers, their demographics (gender, age), their emotion (sad, happy, …), the peak times, group attendance and much more.

Learn more about Pixitrack.

Photo Booth

Events and fairs are special occasions to collect pictures and emails. Use a photo booth to activate and engage your audience.

All pictures are uploaded in real-time in Piximate’s interface, allowing you to share those pictures on social media in no time. You can also generate a link to a gallery to share your pictures, or even broadcast them during the event thanks to our digital signage solution.

Digital Signage

Share your media on big screens!

Piximate provides a full service of digital signage. Whether you want to give information to customers or share user-generated content, it’s all controlled and centralized in Piximate’s interface.

Sort what you want to share by using specific tags, show pictures taken by the photo booth… Possibilities are endless. We can help you create personalized experiences.

Logo Detection

Piximate has developed a powerful and proprietary technology of logo detection. Your brand logo in different context will be accurately detected. Search in context, in photos and videos.

Measure accurately results of marketing actions by collecting reliable metrics, totally automatically. Measure the reach of your brand in TV shows, events, social media or even in the press.

Have a look to one of our success stories to learn more about logo detection.

Create a custom experience

Every company is different and needs are often specific. You want to use our smart technology for other applications? You need our expertise for a project?

Custom experience goes from industrial applications to innovative usage of photos and videos to create value for you. Let us know what your ideas are and we’ll make it happen.

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