AI Revolution for the Retail Industry

Translation and transcription of the podcast titled AI Revolution Episode 7: Smile, you are filmed, scanned, tracked… In streets, parks, train stations, at your workplace, in hospitals, shops, car parks, [...]

Real-time lead scoring on POS

 “Lead scoring is a methodology used to rank prospects against a scale that represents the perceived value each lead represents to the organization” (Hubspot’s definition). The aim of lead scoring [...]

Object recognition: how does it work

Object detection and object recognition are both computer vision techniques but are not to be mixed up as they are pretty different in terms of complexity. While basic solution [...]

3 reasons why AI is the future of retail

43% of professionals say that a lack of clear strategy is the most significant reason for not adopting AI in their organisations. In this fast-moving industry, keeping up with technologies [...]

Analytics in retail

Retail has been a busy sector for a few years now. The growing popularity of e-commerce is destabilizing the well-established physical stores, which feel a little helpless and less [...]

Piximate @ “Tech. by RetailWeek”

As a tech startup specialized in AI powered visual content analysis and management, Piximate offers valuable services and innovative solutions for the retail industry. To understand the future of retail [...]

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