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Artificial Intelligence | Piximate | Image recognition | Grow your sales

Piximate collects valuable data using artificial intelligence from images to help business and brands to take better decisions, increase their sales.

Artificial Intelligence

We build Artificial Intelligence data from any visual touchpoint.

Piximate is an AI computer vision company building data from any visual touchpoint. We create analytics helping companies taking better decisions.

With powerful tools developed internally, you can blend all of the information from your videos, security cameras or photos and documents for true insights. Don’t worry about having time to build reports, input datasets. Remove the need clean and prep data. Use Piximate software to monitor live metrics so you’re always making the best decisions. Piximate is so much more than canned dashboards. It’s an advanced analytics tool

Data acquisition and automation through artificial intelligence and computer vision
A simple tool

Piximate takes care of all the hardware and the software installation. No support is needed from your internal teams.

A link and credentials are provided for your staff.

Who are we?

Piximate is a market leader in smart recognition systems for retailers.We have developed Piximate Safe which helps our customers to keep their own customers safe.

Computer vision and artificial intelligence

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