Retail Analytics

Relevant data collection in physical stores

Today physical stores are no longer lagging behind e-commerce when it comes to data. Frequency of visits, viewed products and customer journey. A few examples of in-store analytics that can be collected with the technology developed by Piximate.

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Facial recognition

Facial recognition is tried out by the police at Brussels airport

As expert in computer vision and facial recognition, the Belgian national television interviewed us to learn more about how cameras are used by the police for facial recognition at Brussels airport.

AI Revolution

A focus on security cameras and what AI can do with all these images

The Belgian radio has been digging the different AI possibilities when it comes to surveillance camera. A clear summary of what we already do.

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Our technology

AI has clearly risen interest lately to become a buzzword.

As an innovative tech startup, the Belgian national television interviewed us to learn more about our expertise & technology, which are related to the use of artificial intelligence.

Customer satisfaction

Discover how Piximate is helping the French nationale police force

A customer centric thinking is expected in most industries, especially in the retail sector. Putting a focus on customer satisfaction in public services is a bit more surprising.

Logo detection

AI & computer vision enable to detect many things in media.

For the media monitoring company Auxipress, we used machine learning algorithms to automate the detection of logos, from live videos to newspaper articles.

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