“Lead scoring is a methodology used to rank prospects against a scale that represents the perceived value each lead represents to the organization” (Hubspot’s definition). The aim of lead scoring is to give salespeople indications on the probability to convert a certain prospect into a customer and, more generally speaking, to maximize the overall efficiency of the sales process. Creating a lead scoring model is assuming the ideal prospect profile is known in order to give points to meaningful criteria. Those criteria can be either ‘demographical’ or ‘behavioral’ ones.

  • Demographical criteria: how the person fits with the business
  • Behavioral: the level of engagement/interest with the product

With lead scoring, the sales team don’t waste loads of time on unworthy prospects (with low score) and people on the edge of buying aren’t ignored anymore.

Automotive lead scoring

Real-time lead scoring for retail and automotive industries

Lead scoring is often used in B2B or for specific services but is rarely used in retail or automotive. It’s a shame as this could have a significant impact on sales. With a solution like the one Piximate offers for store analytics and customer insights, you can allocate a score by analyzing someone’s behavior – in real time, in the real world – and increase sales.

Imagine discreet cameras placed in strategic places, in a car dealership for instance. A customer entering the showroom is automatically detected. His facial signature is directly scanned and, if applicable, matched with an existing one, giving information about previous visits, time spent around a specific car, interactions with a vendor and much more. This gives you live valuable indications about where he (or she) stands in the sales funnel. To be sure not to miss the sale, notifications can be sent in real-time to the sales team, for instance if this person has been spending some time in the showroom without any interaction or even showing some signs of impatience. Cameras also detect if the person who came already several times (but alone) now comes in couple. This is a clear sign of someone’s willingness to buy and corresponds to the last stage in the decisional path. You definitely want to cosset this prospect and turn him/her into a customer.

Define your own live lead scoring strategy

Piximate’s technology detects everything a human eye would see. This data is processed with AI and machine learning, giving you all the intelligence for you to increase sales simply by acquiring a better knowledge and understanding of your potential customers. Gain insights about their level of engagement toward a specific product or category, define their specific shopping patterns and much more.

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