Data is key

Consumers expect brands to put new forms of data to work to offer personalization and create unique customer experience.

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Biggest challenge faced today by Belgian retailers?

What we do

Real time acquisition of data on POS

Piximate uses computer vision techniques to analyse real time images and capture actionable data for retailers.

piximate in retail stores

Piximate gives retailers valuable insights to stay ahead and help them face today’s challenges

piximate in retail stores

What you get

Customers & stores insights

Anonymous analytics

GDPR compliance is ensured thanks to data anonymization and erased images.

piximate in retail stores


Acquire a deeper knowledge of your customers and attendees in a specific location.
piximate in retail stores Behavior


Measure your customer experience, challenge your KPIs.
piximate in retail stores

POS performance

Improve your store ROI by taking specific actions based on real insights.

The best business decisions are always made on real metrics, not assumptions.

piximate in retail stores testimonials

Actionable data to improve store performance and in-store customer experience

  • Adjust product offering

  • Reduce queuing time

  • Identify low customer satisfaction

  • Define in-depth customer profiles & customer

  • journeys

  • Get engagement metrics

  • And much more!

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    Piximate in retail

    It is a challenge to maintain the influx to the retail stores. Some sectors also cannot choose "omnichannel" if they want to maintain a stable turnover. “The acquisition of consumer data is one of the most important assets of the retail sector. For physical stores, until now this was only possible through the loyalty cards

    The retail sector in particular is enthusiastic about the possibilities of Piximate.

    Piximate is a major player in retail