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Piximate understands that as visitors to our website (“the Website”), potential customers, and Users of Piximate products (“Products”), you care about how your information is collected, used, processed, transferred, stored, and shared. This Privacy Policy describes the lengths to which Piximate goes to protect your privacy, including the ways in which we may contact you. It forms a part of our Website Terms of Use, Trial Terms of Use, Standard Terms of Service, and all other documents incorporated therein (“Terms”). Any capitalized terms not defined in this Privacy Policy are defined as set out in the Terms.

Please familiarize yourself with the contents of this Privacy Policy. If you have any questions about it or our treatment of your information, please contact us by email at: privacy@Piximate.net, or by mail at: Chemin du cyclotron 6 – 1448 Louvain-La-Neuve Belgium, Attn: Privacy & Legal. This Privacy Policy is updated on an ongoing basis, as necessary, and a formal review is conducted annually. We will handle your information in accordance with the Privacy Policy in effect at that time. Updates will be posted publicly on the Website and be effective immediately as of the date of posting, as indicated at the bottom of this document. If we make substantive changes to the purposes and policies set out here, we will update you by email or in-application notification.

This Privacy Policy exclusively provides information on how Piximate handles data of which Piximate is controller, meaning all data we process for our own purposes. The way we handle data our customers control and Piximate processes (or that our customers process and Piximate sub-processes) is covered by the Data Processing Agreements (“DPAs”) we conclude with our customers.

1. What We Collect & How We Use It
1.1 Website
When you visit the Website, you are not required to actively provide any information, but the analytics software we use may collect some Personal Data and Navigation Information, as set out in 2.3 below. When you contact us via the Website chat function, sign up to download or receive information from us, or sign up to receive and use our Products, you are required to provide some Personal Data, and we may collect some Navigational Information. Some information is collected via the Website using cookies in accordance with our Cookies Policy. Please note that most of the cookies we use are functional cookies, but for the use of some of the cookies we shall ask you for your prior consent. Our Cookies Policy lists an overview of cookies that we use.

1.2 Piximate Products
We may collect Personal Data and Navigation Information from Users of our Products to help us provide, administer, and improve our Products. In order to request and use the Products, you will need to provide your full name and email address to us. To make changes to the permission you give us, please visit your Piximate User profile.

1.3 Collected Personal Data & Navigation Information
“Personal Data” refers to any information that can be used to identify you personally. For our purposes, this includes your (first and last) name, email address, User ID, and company name, and possibly your address, phone number and information about you that is publicly available online via sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google, number of employees, data you enter into the open write-in box of our contact form, your active project, your project role, your current solution, your issues with managing assets, your uploads, your preferences and your account settings.

“Navigation Information” refers to information about your computer, device, visits to the Website, and use of the Products. For our purposes, this includes which website you visited prior to visiting us or which link or campaign you clicked on to get to us, your IP address, geographical location (city and/or country), browser type and version, ISP information, referral source, length of visits, pages viewed, language preferences and heat mapping.

In cases where the information can be used to identify you personally, Navigation Information would also be considered Personal Data.

Generally, we may use your Personal Data and Navigation Information for the following purposes:

Personalising the Website for the legitimate purpose of improving your browsing experience. We retain Personal Data processed for this purpose until your browsing session with us has ended in case or until such time you no longer have a profile with us, if this is longer;
Managing your Piximate account in performance of our agreement. We retain Personal Data processed for this purpose until termination or expiration of our agreement;
Understanding User preferences for the legitimate purpose of improving our Products. We retain Personal Data processed for this purpose for one (1) year after your last log-in to our Products.;
Linking your Navigation Information and Personal Data to learn your preferences and those of people like you for the legitimate purpose of improving our strategy and offerings. We will only collect information about which website you visited prior to visiting us or which link or campaign you clicked on to get to us for the purpose of improving our marketing strategy and always with your prior consent. We retain Personal Data processed for this purpose for one (1) year after collection; and
Contacting you for direct marketing purposes, but only with your prior consent. We retain Personal Data processed for this purpose until you withdraw your consent.
Where we process Personal Data for our legitimate interests, more information on the balancing exercise carried out by us can be obtained via privacy@Piximate.net.

1.4 Service Providers
The Website and Products integrate some services provided by third parties. We may share some of your information with these service providers so they can provide their services, including payment processing, removing repetitive information from prospect lists, analyzing data, marketing support, customer and/or User profiling, business development, and customer service.

To ensure that your Personal Data is processed, used, stored, and transferred securely and in accordance with European Union law, Piximate uses service providers that provide sufficient guarantees to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your information. For service providers that may transfer Personal Data outside the European Economic Area, Piximate confirms that it implements appropriate safeguards for such transfers (e.g. Privacy Shield certification, EU Standard Contractual Clauses, binding corporate rules).

Please note, the terms and privacy policies of the service providers we use may apply to you as well, in particular: Google Analytics, Hubspot, Tidio, Teamleader, Google Optimize, Google Adwords, Google Tag Manager, Google Recaptcha, Walkme, Hotjar, Amplitude, Stripe, Appcuse and Zendesk. Your acceptance of applicable service provider terms is required to access the Website and Products.

Disclaimer This overview of Service Providers is a snapshot. Piximate strives to keep this list as up-to-date as reasonably possible. However, considering the dynamic characteristic of the internet and the many (external) parties involved, it is possible that not all current Service Providers are listed at all times.

1.5 External Websites
The Website and Products may contain links to other websites run by third parties. Our provision of these links does not amount to our endorsement of these other websites, nor their content, owners, or practices. Piximate does not control or assume responsibility for the content or practices of these other websites or third parties. This Privacy Policy does not apply to those other websites, which are governed by their own terms and policies.

1.6 Social media buttons
On our website we use the social media plug-ins from platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo, YouTube and G-mail. Plug-ins can be recognized by the social media buttons marked with the logos of these companies. Plug-ins are also used for the embedded video players which can be found on our website.

We have implemented these plug-ins using the so-called 2-click solution. This means that when you surf on our website, no information of you will initially be collected by the providers of these social media plug-ins. Only if you click on one of the plug-ins or one of the videos will your information be transmitted: by activating the plug-in, data is automatically transmitted to the respective plug-in provider and stored by them. We do not have influence on the collected data and data processing operations conducted by these social media providers and are not aware of the full extent of data collection, the purposes or the retention periods.

Information on the purpose and scope of data collection and its processing by social media platforms can be found in the respective data protection policies of these providers, where you will also find further information on your rights and options for privacy protection. Please refer to the websites of these social media platforms for their data protection policies.

1.7 Customer Testimonials & Quotes
We may publish customer testimonials and quotes on the Website or in other marketing materials, which may contain some Personal Data. Piximate obtains consent from each customer and the featured individuals prior to publication. This consent may be withdrawn at any time. If you are featured in a customer testimonial or quote and wish to withdraw your consent, please send an email with your request to privacy@Piximate.net.

1.8 Information of Children
The Website and Products are for business use and are not intended for or targeted toward children under 16 (“Children”). We do not knowingly collect any information about Children, but if you believe that we have unintentionally collected information about Children, please contact us at privacy@Piximate.net so that we can delete the information.

1.9 We Don’t Sell Personal Data
We will never sell your Personal Data to a third party, we promise.

2. Retention & Security of Personal Data
2.1 Retention of Personal Data
We retain Personal Data for as long as we reasonably consider it to be necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, after which time we will securely delete the information. For more information about applicable retention periods, see Paragraph 2.3. You can also request deletion of your Personal Data in accordance with Piximate’s Opt-Out & Anti-Spam Policy below.

2.2 Security of Personal Data
As part of being ISO 27001:2013 certified, HIPAA and PCI-DSS compliant, we use a range of security technologies and processes to protect your Personal Data from unauthorized access, use, and disclosure, including encryption of Personal Data both in transit and at rest using state-of-the-art encryption algorithms and following best practices. Our servers are housed in secure and controlled environments administered by Amazon Web Services (“AWS”), which are protected as per the AWS Cloud Security policy.

2.3 Transfer of Personal Data
As an international company with customers and Users worldwide, we may transfer and access Personal Data from around the world, including the United States. To comply with European Union data protection law, we maintain strong data protection and privacy controls to protect your Personal Data and ensure it during cross-border and international transfers, as well as during periods of storage in foreign countries (e.g. Privacy Shield certification, EU Standard Contractual Clauses, binding corporate rules). Please email privacy@Piximate.net for a copy of these safeguards.

Because we believe that your right to privacy is not contingent on your nationality, no matter where you or your data are located, transferred, or accessed from, the high standards in this Privacy Policy will still apply.

2.4 Required Disclosure of your Personal Data
We may use or disclose your Personal Data if required by law, if we reasonably determine that such use or disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, operations, or Users; to comply with a law, court order, or legal process; or to otherwise perform our contractual obligations with you.

We may transfer the data we control, including Personal Data, in the event of a company reorganization, merger, or sale.

3. Your Rights: Opt-Out & Anti-Spam Policy
With respect to your Personal Data, you have the right to:

Request that your Personal Data will not be processed;
Review the Personal Data that we have about you;
Request a correction of any errors in or update of the Personal Data that we have about you;
Request that your Personal Data will not be used to contact you for direct marketing purposes;
Request that your Personal Data will not be used for profiling purposes;
Request that your Personal Data will not be used to contact you at all;
Request that your Personal Data be transferred or exported to another organization, or deleted from our records; or
At any time, withdraw any permission you have given us to process your Personal Data.
In addition, if you want to file a complaint about the way we process your personal data or the way we have handled a request made by you, you can file a complaint with the data protection authority of the country where you live or work or the country where you believe your data has not been processed lawfully by us. We hope this will not be necessary and would like to assure you we will do our best to resolve any dissatisfaction you may have. It is also possible to file a complaint with us by email to privacy@Piximate.net.

3.1 To Review, Change or Remove Personal Data or file a complaint
Please email your request to privacy@Piximate.net or send postal mail to Piximate s.a, Chemin du cyclotron 6 – 1348 Louvain-La-Neuve – Belgium Attn: Privacy & Legal. We will act without any undue delay in response and will notify you accordingly at the latest within 30 days. We may ask you some verification questions before providing Personal Data to you.

Please note that the collection, processing, use, sharing, storage, and transfer some of your Personal Data may be necessary for the above purposes. Without this Personal Data, it will not be possible for you to make use of our services. If we receive a request to delete Personal Data that has been categorized as necessary for these purposes, we will contact you and work with you to find a reasonable solution.

3.2 To withdraw consent for Direct Marketing &/or Profiling
You may at any time withdraw your consent for direct marketing communications and/or related profiling at any time by clicking the “unsubscribe” link located on the bottom of our emails, contacting us by email at privacy@Piximate.net, or contacting us by postal mail at Piximate s.a, Chemin du cyclotron 6 – 1348 Louvain-La-Neuve – Belgium Attn: Privacy & Legal. Users can withdraw consent by adjusting their User profile settings in the Products.

Please note that our customers and Users cannot opt out of receiving product and transactional emails related to their Piximate account.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on: 24 May 2018.