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Auto analysis and scores for better photo management

Piximate analyses and scores each photo on a scale from 1 to 10, letting you know which photos look best (based on moment, content, angle, clarity, and more) and even which might go viral.

Engage with your users and fans

Piximate’s mobile app will lempower your users and drive them to engage more. Let them easily collaborate with your company by adding easily pictures to your events or any professional application.

Automatic face recognition and sorting

Piximate recognizes the faces in your photos and automatically begins sorting and indexing them.

Search your photos in context

Piximate gives you the ability to search your photos in context by simply entering a description. Our intelligent platform does all the work – no photo tagging necessary.

Piximate got your back for your events

Convert your events in a real marketing machine. Collect all pictures, analyse them live, beam them locally and remotely on any social media outlet. Create games and reward you users.

Piximate can do so much more for you


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