Success Stories

Auxipress is een van de voornaamste bedrijven die zich in media analyse specialiseren. Ontdek hoe we zijn rendement met 50% hebben vergroot dankzij machine learning. Lees verder

Success Stories

Het bekende automerk heeft zijn klantenkennis vergroot in concessies.  Lees verder

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    Success Stories

    Piximate is so much more than canned dashboards which makes it create Success Stories. It’s an advanced analytics tool, and is already helping hundreds of customers like you reach new goals.

    A customer centric thinking is expected in most industries, especially in the retail sector. Putting a focus on customer satisfaction in public services is a bit more surprising.

    A recent study conducted by Capgemini research institute showed that 3/4th of AI used in the retail industry focuses on customer-facing applications. The study also showed that if retailers were deploying AI across their operations, they could save more than $340 billion by 2022. There are lots of operations that could involve AI. AI technologies allow retailers to compete in the 21st century economy and better serve their customers.

    This is what the future of retail looks like. A world where customer needs and wishes are anticipated for the best experience in stores. Retailers have all information in their hands and need to make a perfect use of it to stay ahead of their competitors.