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One-click distribution

Your content automatically formatted, instantly shared on all your marketing channels.
Real­time editing. No resizing, no tagging needed. Fully­automated. Easy.



Spread the best photos
and videos

Apply your content marketing strategy directly from Piximate.
Link your social accounts and share the most engaging content in just one click.
From your desktop or your mobile, at work or at home – you choose.
All your campaign results are centralized in Piximate’s dashboard.


No resizing cost

Did you know Facebook algorithm seems to favor vertical videos?
Pictures and videos are resized without extra costs to be shared
in the most effective format. Logo and saliency zones are detected
by the technology to avoid deleting them.


Drive search traffic to your website,
not social networking sites

Piximate ensures you get all the value from your content.
The automatic tagging of the uploaded media in Piximate increases
your online visibility. It helps your SEO and allows your content
to be easily searched when shared.