Computer vision algorithm
delivering high performing measurable data.

Pixitrack is a powerful computer vision algorithm that will turn your images into
a powerful source of data. Connected to a regular security camera, the software will
analyse what happens in the scene and provide insightful information on your business.

Automated people counting
with 95% accuracy

Powered by the core artificial intelligence and deep learning engine from Piximate, Pixitrack will count your visitors. Identify shopper patterns, predict when a queue will form before it happens.

pixitrack counting people

What can you track ?

Pixitrack is based on Computer vision tracking technologies and
machine learning. The algorithms will analyse the context and extract
the relevant information for you.




Type of activity

Flow & check-in

Dwell time

and much more!

Pixitrack for who?

Not sure it will apply to your business? We are proud to
serve corporate companies and sport teams.
In a lot of different areas.

Let the AI help you

Save time by using AI to vet thousands of images
in order to find the best image for the best medium.

Measure your marketing
impact and take the right decisions

Turn your photos and videos into high-powered
marketing sources. Measure and identify the best
content to use, in team.

piximate statistics

Get your platform up and running

Unlock the power of your visual content in no time