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How did Levi’s increased their sales agents engagement?

Engagement has gained so much attention recently because it works. It gets people excited about your brand, and is used to increase customer satisfaction and retention. Excitement, satisfaction, and retention are not the only ways customer engagement can benefit a business.
Levi’s partnered with a lot of sales agents around the world. Their community of sales agents needs as much engagement as their drect customers. Learn how Piximate has helped Levi’s delivering a better experience to their sales agents.

Learn how computer vision and deep learning image processing have helped Auxipress.

logo auxipressAccording to Harvard, 44% of enterprises are gaining new customers and increasing revenue as a result of adopting and integrating customer analytics into their operations and 60% use real-time customer analytics to improve customer experience across touch points and devices is extremely important today. Auxipress is monitoring the Belgian newspapers and TV shows delivering its customers data crossing and consumer insights.
Learn how Piximate has helped Auxipress delivering live analytics to their customers with Machine learning.

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