Through outstanding unified media analysis solutions, Auxipress’ goal is to capture and centralize all relevant information around a brand in the media. With the right mix of technology and human interpretation, they strive to deliver services that exceed the expectation of their customers.

They measure and understand the value of a global media coverage. Their solution allows to measure the R. O. I.  of  PR actions and media visibility. Their team of analysts measures the exact place that a brand (and/or competitors) occupies in various publications in order to classify them by theme and calculate their advertising value.


Headquartered in Belgium, Auxipress offers a wide range of services, from marketing campaign analysis to web campaign insights giving value to media investment for brands. The company’s clientele consists mostly of businesses and brands, and Auxipress was looking for an effective and powerful image recognition service to identify faster brands logos into press articles and TV shows.

The company previously tried a lot of different solutions without satisfaction. Other solutions were inappropriate for delivering an accurate result and faster than the human processing as done before. The challenge was to recognize brands in versatile environments such as press articles and videos.

Thierry Cornez

“We’ve been looking at several tools that could help us in delivering faster while increasing or ROI. We have even thought about creating our own tool.
Piximate was the right way to go thanks to their unique technology”


“We were willing to start with our own technology and develop our own product” said Thierry Cornez. “Standard logo detection technologies like Google, Microsoft or others were simply not working. I had even thought hiring developers to create an analytic tool helping us. After discussing with Piximate we’ve been convinced they were the right partner”.

Auxipress is now able to detect logos from their customers in “difficult” environments like press articles and TV shows enabling them to deliver reports to their customers 5 times faster as compared to the previous manual processing. The company uses our computer vision machine learning engine to create accurate automated reports.

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