Nurture the power of photos and videos

Use photos and videos to generate more leads throughout your sales cycle.



Turn your photos and videos into a sales machine

Collect all pictures and videos taken by your sales force in a nutshell. All photos and videos are uploaded automatically and securely into Piximate cloud. collet all pictures form the field and from your POS.


Connect photos and videos into emails or within your CRM

Piximate’s innovative media editor allows you to customize your most relevant photos and videos and place it anywhere in a targeted email. With an average conversion rate of 43% for relevant media-sharing option, Piximate is the ideal tool for generating well-qualified leads and sending them straight to your CRM.


See who’s been watching and take the right decisions

Piximate’s dashboard tell you exactly when someone has uploaded a picture and who is the best contributor. Individual viewer pages show you complete histories of each prospect’s viewing behaviors, so you can see which videos they’ve interacted with, and bring that insight into your calls and pitches.