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Piximate’s technology is the result of years of work and mixes of different aspects of
artificial intelligence applied in the field of computer vision. Our algorithms analyse photos and videos
and track useful information enabling you to automate your visual content management.

Automated tagging

Piximate recognizes the content of images and will automatically add a description. Your visual content will also be automatically tagged so it is easily searchable.

The content is sorted automatically and can be easily found out of thousands of other visuals. Use any keyword or search in context.
Discover how media asset management helps you save precious time.

The technology will be used with Piximate Plug & play.

Saliency zones

The saliency heat map is generated by our smart technology. It shows how the attention is captured during the first few seconds of visual inspection.The most attractive elements of the image are highlighted in the form of “hot” spots and let you know what creates attention to the people watching your photos.

You can easily assess your brand and product positioning and appraise the impact of your communication.
Applies to digital communication, showroom, visuals for e-commerce and advertisement. The technology will be used with Piximate Plug & play.

Discover how you can use Saliency zones.

Facial recognition

Facial recognition is based on biometric image processing algorithms. The technology developed by Piximate can not only detect a person within different environments but can also detect the age, gender and emotions.
Facial recognition can apply as much to photos than to videos. It happens real time and can be applied to a live stream feed.
The technology will be used with Piximate Plug & play and Pixitrack.

Photo scoring

Because sorting a lot of assets takes time, Piximate will help you sorting your photos automatically thanks to the scoring feature. First, the algorithm will analyse the basic information detected into the photo (light, aperture, blur, …) and will give a bad score to photos that would not apply for communication.

The algorithm will also give a score based on the type of photo and the framing. Thanks to machine learning algorithms, Piximate is capable of giving the right score in context.  Use it with Piximate plug & play

Auto formatting

The world has shifted to different ways of communications and social media outlets have each their own formats. Adapting those formats takes time and a lot of manual processing.
Piximate will automatically generate the right format for each social media outlet so you can instantly share the same content but with the right format without any manual processing.


The Piximate REST API allows you to connect and ‘sync’ other applications (customer database, ERP, CRM, helpdesk, e-commerce and more) to Piximate.

As developper you can call our API and easily enrich your content. Not a developer ? A custom integration requires some dev work but not to worry, you can easily integrate Piximate. Just call one of our representative and will be able to help.

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