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Capture leads
with compelling content

Create a new digital experience for your next customers. Piximate keeps everything in sync at the touch of button.



Increase customer traction for your vehicles

With Piximate you can produce the best automotive content thanks to our cost effective automotive templates. Create 360° experiences in no time as well for new vehicle as for second-hand vehicles.


Generate automatically classified ads

Piximate will generate automatically a landing page of your vehicle making it easier to share the vehicle details and create an emotional bond with your customer.


Push the right content to the right place. without hassle

Piximate will push photos and videos into Google, Facebook and Twitter, increasing your experience. We generate automatically your classified ad mobile website and increase your sales.


Connect with your existing apps

Piximate can automatically push your content to all your channels. Push your content to Digital TV’s in store or on’line with your existing apps and measure with our dashboard the traction of your content.