Create an outstanding
fan experience

Offer your fans the best experience ever with photos and videos. In your arena or outside, Piximate wil lkeep in sync your LIVE events. Live stream your games, connect to stats and generate an emotional bond.



Collect all photos and videos from fans

With Piximate you will collect all your photos and videos from events but also around the event directly into one place. Use our sharing capabilities to increase your fan engagement and put your team or league one step ahead.


Live stream your games.
Let the fan engage

Live stream your events locally or on the web.
Create automatically your own channel per game.
No developement needed.


Create highlights automatically.
Share and improve brand awereness

Instantly share the best moments. piximate engine will improve SEO by
adding metatags automatically to your content. Follow the traction of your
content and keep in control thanks to our sports cockpit giving you the power
of analytics.


Increase the value
for your sponsors

Create space for your sponsors. Implement
directly into the feed you sponsors logos or
bumpers. No hassle, it’s done in less than 3 minutes.