It’s simply impossible to imagine you ignore the growing value and power of visual content. It is clearly a major marketing trend.

Our consumption of media has radically changed with the Internet and still continues to evolve to become more and more visual. Just look at three of the fastest-growing social media outlets: Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. All three are articulated around visuals.


The Power of Images

Not surprising that we tend towards images and videos. 70% of our sensory receptors are in our eyes and half of our brain is involved in visual processing. The time it takes for our brain to make sense of a visual scene is only 1/10th of a second… and time has become so precious, we don’t want to waste it with non-visual content. Think about the use of Emojis and Gifs… they are often more eloquent than a thousand words.

And as a marketer, you know you must adapt your content marketing strategy to remain relevant.


From Storytelling to Visual storytelling

When the past years were all about content marketing and storytelling, it has now become about visual content marketing and visual storytelling. Whether you think they are just another buzzword or not, brands and companies should include visual content in every communication because it increases brand awareness, engagement and can generate more leads.

Well… this also means you need user generated content or produce your own visuals. You’ll have to store your media, pick the most appropriate visual content, edit and share it. Yes, this could feel a bit overwhelming, but actually it can be fun, easy and most importantly: profitable.


Are you interested in knowing how to define an efficient visual content strategy? We’ll give you tons of tips and best practices.

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